R & B METAL’s 23,000 square foot facility is well equipped for designing, fabricating and painting large and small metal products. R & B can provide for your metal-fabrication needs using our:

Niagra 3/8”, 6’ power shear square
12’, 200 Ton, 3 axis CNC press break
CNC hi definition Plasma Table
Wysong 12ga, 52” power squaring shear
10ga, 48”throat, Pullmax
30-ton Whitney fabricating press
Verson 60ton, 10’ press brake
4’ bending roll
Hammond Broken Arm Radial Drill
Strippit CNC 40/30 punch press
Paint Facility
Powder Coating
Welding light, heavy & exotics
Thermal Dynamics Plasma unit
Abrasive Blasting
Part tumblers
Machine shop