Seed Treater Accessories

We believe that all Panogen Seed Treaters can be called a “System”.


Because depending on your needs, any basic Panogen Seed Treater equipped with accessories of your choice will perform any treating job just right for you.

These items add extra versatility to your Panogen Seed Treater:

Slurry Adapter

A complete package for high volume seed inoculation or application of wettable powder seed protectants. Powder slurry material is placed with water in the mixing tank. A special slurry pump recirculates the mixture in the drum until all material is in suspension. When complete, a valve is opened to permit the pump to transport the inoculant or slurry to the treater. The conical shaped bottom allows for quick and easy clean-out.

Tanks available in 30, 50, and 75 gallon capacities. Cold rolled or stainless steel.

Dual and Triple Reservoirs

When treating seed with two or three chemicals simultaneously, it is necessary to equip your treater with this type of unit. Each has the dipper system found on the single constant-level reservoir. They are synchronized so that chemicals enter the mixing drum simultaneously and in conjunction with the seed. Units may be shut off individually when treatment with a single chemical is desired.

Spray Nozzle System

Spray nozzles are installed on some Panogen Seed Treaters as standard equipment. On all other Panogen units, they may be added as optional equipment.

With this system, the chemical or chemicals are sprayed on the seed in the mixing drum. This assures maximum distribution.

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your Panogen Seed Treater System.