Financial Strength and Responsibility

R&B Metal Products, Inc is a heavily capitalized corporation with minimal debt. While most accountants may not agree with our philosophy and certainly frown on a debt to equity ratio of 1/8 to 1, we use this capital to ensure our financial commitments to our vendors are met early, not just in time.

While the majority of large companies strive to stretch terms from 90 to even 120 days, R&B Metal Products meets or exceeds the expectations of a 30 term and in every case takes advantage of early payment terms. Is this the most fiscally responsible thing for our stock holders? Not in the short term, but because we are the preferred customer to our vendors based on our integrity, honestly, and payment history, we are also first to receive purchased goods that may be earmarked for a corporation that stretches the all mighty dollar. This translates directly to customer service in that we have items that need to be incorporated into our customer products before our competition. This means earlier delivery times at no additional cost.