About R&B Metal Products

R & B Metal Products manufactures widely diverse product lines, both customer based as well as proprietary, using various types of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastics.

Our 23,000 square foot facility located in the city of Woodstock, Illinois has the capability to punch, form, drill, shear, machine, weld, and finish a variety of products including complex electrical and PLC applications. R&B Metal Products’ licensed and certified engineering staff will assist your workforce to produce cost effective, high quality products in a reasonable amount of time or in developing an idea or concept.

Since 1945 these services have been offered and performed “under one roof” and not contracted out to other facilities so the staff you discuss projects with are located right here in Woodstock.

R&B Metal Products cherishes the ability to serve local business as well as worldwide organizations to promote the health of our community and country.